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Server Status: DOWN!

Server is down for a server migration by our hosting company.

No timeline yet but we will post when we know more.

Say Hello to My Little Friends!


We’re preparing to move to the Alpha stage of development which will entail the last major gameplay system features being added, including:

  • Pet control powers
  • Crowd control powers
  • Defense powers
  • Non-combat power usage (ex. ice bridges to reach hidden or hard to reach areas or destroying doors or walls with super strength to access areas you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get to)
  • A new ToHit system
  • Accuracy modifiers
  • Red, blue, yellow, and purple character enhancements
  • Crafting
  • Improvements to server bandwith usage and interpolation
  • Ability toggling
  • Passive abilities
  • More female and male character customizations
  • Ability bar customization
  • Additional ability bar

In the coming months we will also be preparing the Alpha version of the game for the move to Steam!

Location, Location, Location

Welcome to Central Hall! The building in the Civic Center that NPCs will be moved to in an upcoming patch…

New Launcher is Ready to… Launch


The new launcher is now available!

Some more tweaks coming but visit our Play Now page for instructions and the download link!

We’re Back!


We are online! Launcher should update and can download if needed at

Launcher updates coming soon including Mac and Linux!

Expect minor patches over the next day or so to fix issues found while preparing patch.

Character Creation Update!

Some work-in-progress concept art of future updates to our character creator.

Someone asked what Mimetic Weaponry was…

With the Mimetic Weaponry power set you can form weapon constructs to aid yourself in battle, diversity is the key and you can create the right weapon for the job at a second’s notice. Mimetic Weaponry attacks are as varied in effect as they are in appearance, giving you a great deal of utility.

It’s not in the icon pic, but we’ll also have this kind of melee as an option too…

We have over 80 power sets at various stages of development currently.

Icons for our melee power sets… in Technicolor!


Design Director’s Blog: Powers (Part 1)


Hello everyone, my name is Frank “Jaximus” Ambrose and I am the Design Director for Valiance Online. Today, we are ready to share our initial power set progression. Fair warning, these design elements are subject to change as we proceed further in development.

Some features will not be in the Pre-Alpha test, but keep your eyes open for updates in the future. Likewise, all of us on the team welcome the community’s feedback on the system itself.

The power system is planned to have players build their characters by following a progressive power selection system. When the player reaches the power selection phase of the character generator, they will first have the option of selecting from three styles of combat, Melee, Ranged or Hybrid.

After selecting your character combat style, you will be shown the options for your Primary Power Group and the Power Sets in each.

Afterwards, the player chooses a different Secondary Power Group which follows the same selection process as their primary. Once the power is chosen, the player’s choices are combined to determine the player’s Archetype and inherent power.

To help get a better feel how Power Groups work, let’s break down the initial selection phase of the character creator by detailing the combat types and then the Power Groups. When you make your power selection, you will choose between Melee or Ranged (or Hybrid which will be covered in Part 2).


These sets focus on close-quarter combat styles and are more durable than their Ranged and Hybrid counterparts. Melee players have access to several different styles: Damage, Control, Team Support, and the unique Defensive Power groups. If you like being the first one in the fight with your fist to your foe’s face, this is the set for you.

Melee Power Groups

Melee Offensive Melee: Power sets focusing on dealing massive damage to multiple targets. Abilities in these styles often trade utility for raw damage output.
Melee_Control Melee Damage Control: When the team needs to go toe-to-toe with a huge threat, these styles help lock down larger threats with powerful, crippling blows. These sets favor focusing on a single foe with greater combat utility.
Melee_Defense Melee Defensive: Defensive fighting styles have very little in the ways of utility and damage while boosting the survivability of the user. For when the best offense is a greater defense.
Melee_Defense_Control Melee Defensive Control: Fighting styles favoring survival through finesse and precision to lock targets down. Tends to deal low damage with greater utility while conferring specialized defensive abilities.
Team Support Team Support: Melee power sets that focus on enhancing the combat potency of allies rather than the user. Favors tactical leadership combat styles.



Ranged powers focus on fighting your opponents at a distance in a variety of ways. These characters have access to sets granting them superior damage, damage mitigation, or control at the cost of survivability. These sets include the following: Damage, Control, Support, and Melee Utility. If you like blasting a foe before they see you coming or supporting the team with healing and superior control, this may be the way to go.

Ranged Power Groups


Ranged Damage: Power sets designed to deal as much damage to as many enemies as possible from a distance. Lacks utility and control in favor of disposing foes as quickly as possible.


Ranged Control: Power sets specializing in controlling battlefields. Deals very little damage, but foes will often be left helpless for allies to finish the job.


Ranged Support: Sacrifices damage output for supporting allies from a distance. These sets can heal allies, mitigate enemy damage, and boost the abilities of the allies around them.


Melee Utility: Sometimes kiting around an enemy isn’t enough. This power group will focus on close quarters single target damage and highly effective single target control.

Power Groups

As stated previously, each combat style is divided into several Power Groups, or PGs. The order the PGs are selected determine your character’s Archetype which influences the effectiveness of your powers and respective role in the game. This choice also affects which powers will unlock as you level. The finer points of Leveling and Power Progression will be discussed in a future blog post, so for now just keep in mind that powers from your Primary PG will unlock faster than your Secondary as you level up.

When trying to select your Primary PG, I recommend choosing what you feel you’ll enjoy the most. The Primary will always be more effective than your Secondary. So, if you choose a Defensive set as your Primary, you will always be more durable than a player that picked Defensive as their Secondary.

Furthermore, your Primary choice will determine what Secondary options are available to you. For instance, If you go with Damage as your Primary PG, you will not be able to choose Damage as your Secondary. Instead, you will have other options to make a well-rounded character.

In future blog posts, we will talk about what combinations are allowed, the effects of your choices, and how you can make a unique and effective character to fit your personality in the world of Valiance Online.

We are looking forward to providing a power system that truly gives you the “super-powered play style” you want. From saving the citizens of San Cielo to crushing any and all who would oppose your might, you will leave your unique mark on the world of Valiance Online. We look forward to providing the experience you deserve.

Thank you,

Frank “Jaximus” Ambrose

Archetype Icons and MORE Hairstyles

A look at some more work-in progress including user interface updates with Archetype icons and more hairstyles for the female character models!

Updated Female Model and Enhancement UI

A look at the upgraded female character model which will be in-game soon as well as some work-in-progress user interface designs for the enhancement system.


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