Server Updates

A list of back-end changes made to the server in the last patch:

  1. Added new AI functionality for NPCs; new tech allows NPCs to go about town doing various activities while remaining interactive.
  2. Added new site-to-server features to allow users to interface their game accounts through the website. Many interesting features both in-game and on the new website will follow.
  3. Added new AI functionality for mobs; new tech allows mobs to react situationally doing things such as fleeing when outnumbered or low on health. Mobs now also have an alerted state that is initialized before they enter aggression mode. This allows players to notice when the mob is alerted visually, as well as helping crowd controllers immediately assess how many mobs have been alerted in any event.
  4. Added new properties for combat; over 40 new properties have been added to combat giving players the ability to do such things as silence mobs so that they don’t immediately alert other nearby mobs or pull mobs to them physically.
  5. Overall network performance has been greatly improved and the core server cluster has been updated to larger more powerful machines.

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  1. Looking forward to the new website. Hopefully it will have an excellent media section to show off the game, a lore section, look slick and professional so anyone that sees it will click the donate button.

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  2. the servers are down. so what is the update all about?


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