It’s Alive! (patch notes)

Please note due to the account/character wipe you will have to register again at the game login screen!

The client update is live! Here are the patch notes:


  • Female characters are disabled while their animations are being updated
  • Added the foundation for the new starting location
  • Scaled new world elements to their new size standard
  • Updated all shaders to the new Unity 5 physically-based standard
  • Updated character customization systems to use less processing overhead
  • Added the new animation system
  • Added the new sound system
  • Updated character generation musical theme
  • Updated character generation background
  • Added new animation based event triggers
  • Added new sound effects for movement, attacks, and impacts
  • Transitioned from the Unity 5 standard tree pipeline to the new SpeedTree pipeline for optimized foliage management
  • Started implementation of the new leveling systems interface
  • Started implementation of the new enhancement system interface
  • Fixed minor bugs


  • Updated the NPC intelligence system for better server-side processing efficiency
  • Added new intelligence to NPCs including the ability to become mobile, the ability to observe their surroundings, and the ability to respond to their observations with dialogue
  • Added new intelligence to mobs including the ability to react to situations dependent upon conditions, the ability to become mobile, and many new combat abilities
  • Added the new account system to bind data from the game server to the website server
  • Added the ability to expose various details of the game server to the website, allowing us to share changes to game data on the site immediately
  • Started implementation of the new leveling system
  • Added NPC trainers for leveling
  • Added NPC vendors for enhancements
  • Optimized many features of the server and its tool sets


This release of one part of a series of sequential updates. This update lacks many of the upcoming character generation assets, zone art, animations, NPCs, and missions that will be coming in the next few days.

This first release is dedicated to testing the new zone, the new physics servers, and the zone’s capacity and performance standards of our current target platform. As we complete tests, we’ll begin to patch in updates rapidly.

Over the next few days our Technical Director will be present in-game doing many test for performance, and the servers may see frequent downtime for updates and modifications. We ask for your patience during this time, and we will keep you informed of all changes and updates as they happen.


Windows download link follows and will be attempting to build new Mac and Linux clients shortly!


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  1. Chief Entropist

    As a recommended option – and please, do this really soon – give us a way to install in the folder of our choice, please. My C: drive is quite full and I’d much prefer to have this running elsewhere.


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