Patch Notes!

Server is up! Mac and Linux launchers should be available shortly.


– Implemented the first iteration of the true leveling system; player now earn COMBAT_XP and have a leveling progress bar

– Implemented the first iteration of DEBT_XP; though we haven’t imposed it on the player, it is coming soon. To regain XP, players will have to visit a hospital and be treated for a percentage of their lost XP

– Implemented the first iteration of the enhancement system; players now have the option to slot enhancements collected as either loot from a downed opponent or by purchasing it from an enhancement vendor

– Implemented a baseline iteration of tertiary powers and archetype powers, neither of which are accessible in this patch; archetype powers will be issued based on the archetype you’re issued based on your primary and secondary power choice, while your first tertiary power set will be unlocked after level 10

– Implemented the framework for mob levels and advancement properties; prepare to soon see colored labels with ranks and levels

– Improved custom shaders and optimized shaders for DirectX 9 compatibility

– Transitioned from the former remote icon downloading system to a client-inclusive icon management system to improve initial loading performance and to relieve the resource server a bit

– Implemented the second iteration of the character body scaling system; the systems is not yet included in the live build, but it is coming soon as well as an overgrow power set

– Added new parameters to the live event system to allow for moderator/administrative triggering of scripted live events

– Completely the structural outline of San Cielo’s first 3 zones; all of which are dynamically handled, and created with the dynamic, open-world’s expansion in mind

– Improved the dynamic resource loading technology

– Updated character generation background once again

– Added new animations in preparation for all currently available powers as well as upcoming power sets

– Fixed both minor and major client-side bugs

– Implemented the core framework of the day/night cycle

– Added a collection of new character creation options


– Further improved the AI tech for NPCs and mob navigation/pathfinding

– Added “per player loot” to allow every player to have unique loot

– Added “per mission loot” to allow mobs to drop loot specific to a mission; this was something that was holding back mission development progress a bit (now content creators can insure their missions play out as expected)

– Added a host of new player/mob combat attributes including DISPLACE_RESISTENCE (combats knockback, knockup, knockdown), DEFENSE, ACCURACY, LETHAL_DAMAGE,PSIONIC DAMAGE, and a host of others

– Implemented the core framework for the night/day cycle

– Fixed some extremely offensive bugs

– Optimized many features of the server and its tool sets


– This release of one part of a series of sequential updates. This update lacks many of the upcoming character generation assets, zone art, animations, NPCs, and missions that will be coming in the next few days. This release is focused on NPC/AI server stress testing, character generator capability testing, and live event spawning and intensity testing. This is an early warning that this is going to be a very demanding phase of testing, but once it’s successful, it’ll setup for some really great future releases.

– Another great thing to note is that female are on the way. So look forward to new work-in-progress releases of the new female body, and outfits!

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  1. Love the exposed cyborg brain helmet, guys. This alone is proof that you know exactly what a CoH descendant needs to be. Remember, you’re not done until we can play butterfly cat centaurs!


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