Someone asked what Mimetic Weaponry was…

With the Mimetic Weaponry power set you can form weapon constructs to aid yourself in battle, diversity is the key and you can create the right weapon for the job at a second’s notice. Mimetic Weaponry attacks are as varied in effect as they are in appearance, giving you a great deal of utility.

It’s not in the icon pic, but we’ll also have this kind of melee as an option too…

We have over 80 power sets at various stages of development currently.


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  1. Interesting, neat name as-well.

    So will be like tech energy blades or something? Or akin to the lanterns? The reason why I am asking, is that most MMOs went the Psi route, but my heroes were tech origins as opposed to mental mutants. Perhaps the power name was used to leave it up to the players imagination?


  2. …And 80 power sets?!……


  3. Sorry, not sure how to edit comments so I have 3 different ones…….

    But the bestial fury…….. will an all-fours movement style be an option?


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