We’re Back!


We are online! Launcher should update and can download if needed at http://valianceonline.com/play

Launcher updates coming soon including Mac and Linux!

Expect minor patches over the next day or so to fix issues found while preparing patch.


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  1. Why is it that I keep getting this error msg? http://goo.gl/Pv2k7n I mean, I downloaded it, got that message, then deleted the folder & tried again & again, like you told me, but STILL IT DOES NOT WORK! Why??? What do I do? What CAN I do???


  2. Is actual gameplay enabled? I can create and save characters, but when I click the button “enter the world” the game crashes completely and closes. Any ideas?


  3. I did the reinstall but when the launcher verifies the files on directory it say it cant download the updated chunks of shaderedassets1.assets
    What do i do?


  4. I also run into this,,after going into the folder and deleting that file,it will re-download it and launch but run like a stop motion cartoon. Then after closing and restarting I get the asset1 issue again. Not going to delete and re-install 800mb’s each time I start


  5. When I try the download for the new launcher from google chrome, I get the following error

    Windows cannot open the folder.

    The Compressed (zipped) Folder
    ‘C:\Users\…\Downloads\Valiance_Windows_Launcher_32bit.zip’ is invalid.

    When I download from Microsoft Edge the download goes on and I can unzip the folder, when I do, I activate the game launcher which then tells me that I need to update my launcher from version 5 to version 6 at http:\\www.projectgorgon.com. Does this mean that I have to download that game in order to play this one?


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