Say Hello to My Little Friends!


We’re preparing to move to the Alpha stage of development which will entail the last major gameplay system features being added, including:

  • Pet control powers
  • Crowd control powers
  • Defense powers
  • Non-combat power usage (ex. ice bridges to reach hidden or hard to reach areas or destroying doors or walls with super strength to access areas you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get to)
  • A new ToHit system
  • Accuracy modifiers
  • Red, blue, yellow, and purple character enhancements
  • Crafting
  • Improvements to server bandwith usage and interpolation
  • Ability toggling
  • Passive abilities
  • More female and male character customizations
  • Ability bar customization
  • Additional ability bar

In the coming months we will also be preparing the Alpha version of the game for the move to Steam!

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  1. We couldn’t be any more excited for this.


  2. I am so excited, I cant wait for this game to be launched!!!


  3. Awesome! Fantastic job.

    Can we assume this is also “open”? If so, where exactly would we post feedback?


  4. I think that image is all the folks who have missed CC powers being held back like Black Friday shoppers at a $99.99 HD TV sale…


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