Catching Up!

First off, an announcement posted on social media:

If the Force is with us something big will release this weekend…. besides Episode VII of course! #theserverawakens 

We also have some new screenshots:

Finally, replies to a couple of comments regarding the character creator:

Are emblems going to be adjustable with positioning? like arrows that move them along the body slightly so we can put them where we want them? I can’t wait to play this.

Yes, we’ll eventually have a system that allows players to control the positions of emblems on their outfits.

Now all I need is a crocodile head and I’ll need no other game

Crocodile heads, as well as other beast heads will be available in the future.

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  1. Whew, glad to hear from you guys again. Let’s hope you don’t run into this problem your hosting service ever again. Did I say I was glad to hear from you guys? Welcome back and still waiting anxiously for your new website.


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