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New Website and Forums!


Visit our new website and forums at


Empower Your Desktop!

Here are some new wallpapers to liven up your desktop…

“About Last Night…”

Here are the patch notes from last night’s update:

  1. Updated the dynamic sector culling system to resolve its conflict with the tonemapping shader
    – Resolved the immediate render crash which created the black screen of death
    – More updates are required for the culling technology, as well as some fine-tuning of the sectors
    – Some objects will be culled while their shadows are still visible
  2. Fixed the inadvertent culling of the Central Hall interior, which made it impossible for the doors to open
    – The waypoints inside the building are now properly directed to
    – Access to the NPCs inside the interior has been restored
    – Some of these interior, namely the ceiling, will be culled while it should be visible
  3. Updated a majority of the game’s textures to make them more MMO compliant
    – Reduced the game’s absolute size by 110%; reduced its RAM requirements by 170%
  4. Optimized the live server technology to improve the bandwith pipeline
    – Improved overall client communication in regards to player data

Additionally, here are the revised system requirements:


  • Nvidia geForce GTX 275 (or equivalent)
  • 2GB of DDR3 RAM
  • 1.3GB of storage space
  • DirectX 11


  • Nvidia geForce GTX 660 (or equivalent)
  • 4GB of DDR3 RAM
  • 2GB of storage space
  • DirectX 11

Visit the Play Now page to download the Windows launcher and for instructions on cleaning out previous versions.

For help email

Happy Holidaze!

Doing our best to reply to social media posts and support emails but it’s a holiday weekend so please be patient. The game was ready for testing and we figured people didn’t want to wait until Monday. Thanks for your support!

The Server Awakens!


Server is up! Read on for patch and other notes as well as download link…

Patch Notes – December 25, 2015

This is a technical release with the sole purpose of testing our new client-to-server architecture, and becoming more familiar with the performance of the new datacenter. The new deep content release will be available within a few days (maybe sooner if testing goes well).

  1. Reformed the entire character pipeline to reduce bone amounts, and to optimize performance overall
    – Optimized various customization elements to improve performance as a result of the new bone hierarchy
    – The female model is suffering the harsh results of the reform, and will soon be highly improved
  2. Implemented to new toolset to filter unused assets, which greatly reduced the magnitude of the patch storage size
  3. Updated the entirety of male customization to use the new character bone convention
    – Hair physics will be applied in an upcoming patch
    – Added new formatting for cloth/hair physics
  4. Updated the entirety of male customization materials
    – Reduced hair and facial hair texture resolution to improve performance
  5. Added support for non-bipedal character formats
    – Created support for animals, formless, and construct mobs
  6. Reduced base environment texture resolution by 25% to improve performance
  7. Updated the entirety of female customization to use the new character bone convention
    – Hair physics will be applied in an upcoming patch
    – Added new formatting for cloth/hair physics
  8. Updated the entirety of female customization materials
    – Reduced hair and facial hair texture resolution to improve performance
  9. Added all new customization for males and females
  10. Formatted all existing animations to utilize the Mecanim Humanoid rig-type
    – Updated the animations to use improved optimization settings
    – Modified all animations to manually avoid root motions usage; their axes movement is now solely driven by code
  11. Added new locomotion animation sets for male and female characters
    – Currently these are disabled as they are still being modified to improve shoulder positioning for the female base bone structure
  12. Added new attack animations for some power sets
  13. Added new emote animations
  14. Fixed flying animations assignments in the bipedal entity animation control to resolve the issue with southeast and southwest animations being opposite
  15. Removed old character textures, materials, prefabs, and source files
    – Replaced most of them, and removed others that were utilizing resources unwarranted; improved build storage size and improved patch download turnaround
  16. Added a few signature character appearance customization to be used by developers for their signature characters
  17. Added new customization for mobs
    – Perpetrators
    – Kings
    – Enforcers
    – Defenders
    – Police
    – Drones
    – Sudo-pets
    – Data Reavers
  18. Fixed cloth distance inconsistency; resolving the rubber cape bug
  19. Updated textures for the older assets to improve their visual appeal
  20. Regenerated all SpeedTree foliage to utilize the new SpeedTree for Unity shader updates
    – Updated all associated SpeedTree prefabs
  21. Sorted all art elements in San Cielo to utilize our new dynamic load management system
  22. Updated all rock and boulder models to include smaller resolution textures
  23. Updated many environment art elements to improve overall performance
  24. Removed some camera image effects
    – Updates to the configuration window to removed unused camera image effects options is coming
  25. Updated the Network Managers
  26. Added new colors to the customization palettes for hair
  27. Implemented a system of sectors and portals into San Cielo for the purpose of utilized by our new load management technology
    – This is still very much a work in progress, and is the focus of this release
  28. Updated the mob, NPC, and static entity spawner for San Cielo
  29. Updated the navigation mesh for San Cielo to improve AI movement
    – Many of Unity’s Navigation Mesh bugs have been resolved in this release
  30. Updated the character generation scene
  31. Updated the selectable character customization arrays to allow for proper browsing of assets; this resolved a bug where players were unable to access all available customization
  32. Fixed a data leak being caused by the configuration window’s interface script code
    – This was an internal, source level bug that has also been reported to Unity Technologies
  33. Added new image effects shaders for the camera
  34. Updated a large portion of the hair shader
    – The shader still needs to be fully aligned with our proprietary shader framework
  35. Reduce the majority of demand being required of our water shader improving performance
  36. Updated project settings to include some rendering optimizations, and to add tags for new features that are being added soon

Note also, that new door tech is in the process of being implemented which is why you can see right into a building with no floor. The building interior will load as you get closer.

Last patch related note, but not least…

The database was wiped for server testing so you will have to make a new account and characters!

Download the Windows launcher at

A Mac launcher is also being prepared and we plan to have a Linux launcher at some point as well.

We are also in the process of preparing to launch our new website, preview it at

You can also preview… something else… at this link. 😉

“Wars Not Make One Great!”

A lot of people seem to like to imagine there is some sort of competition between people making “post-CoH” games. We really don’t look at it that way. Everyone has their own ideas and vision and a lot happens through the course of development and the different superhero games out there could have any number of similarities or differences when released. With the aim of making the point we don’t consider this to be a “race” or “competition” we’d like to share a work-in-progress video sent to us by our friends at City of Titans…

Catching Up!

First off, an announcement posted on social media:

If the Force is with us something big will release this weekend…. besides Episode VII of course! #theserverawakens 

We also have some new screenshots:

Finally, replies to a couple of comments regarding the character creator:

Are emblems going to be adjustable with positioning? like arrows that move them along the body slightly so we can put them where we want them? I can’t wait to play this.

Yes, we’ll eventually have a system that allows players to control the positions of emblems on their outfits.

Now all I need is a crocodile head and I’ll need no other game

Crocodile heads, as well as other beast heads will be available in the future.

Say Hello to My Little Friends!


We’re preparing to move to the Alpha stage of development which will entail the last major gameplay system features being added, including:

  • Pet control powers
  • Crowd control powers
  • Defense powers
  • Non-combat power usage (ex. ice bridges to reach hidden or hard to reach areas or destroying doors or walls with super strength to access areas you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get to)
  • A new ToHit system
  • Accuracy modifiers
  • Red, blue, yellow, and purple character enhancements
  • Crafting
  • Improvements to server bandwith usage and interpolation
  • Ability toggling
  • Passive abilities
  • More female and male character customizations
  • Ability bar customization
  • Additional ability bar

In the coming months we will also be preparing the Alpha version of the game for the move to Steam!

Location, Location, Location

Welcome to Central Hall! The building in the Civic Center that NPCs will be moved to in an upcoming patch…

New Launcher is Ready to… Launch


The new launcher is now available!

Some more tweaks coming but visit our Play Now page for instructions and the download link!