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  1. How soon is “soon”?


  2. Haha, that crocodile head comment was random, Facebook is a funny place. Hopefully they have futuristic crocodile head options; cyborg croc ftw!!!


  3. Any word on that Mac install?


  4. Soo fun, but I wish there were more thugs with higher levels


  5. Im unable to patch the launcher, it always says something like missing txt file.


  6. Hello,

    Any ETA about the Linux version ? I’d love to test this project, i can’t run it under WINE or PlayOnLinux.



  7. This is so sexy. My old CoH days will be re-lived. I’m going to just chill in (Atlas) forever. *drools*


  8. Can’t get past the splash screen after character selection


  9. Really digging the new pics, how come we cannot create cool characters like that lol? Is there a specific timeline you are aiming for to release the alpha? Spring? Summer? Winter? 2017? Goals are hard to date at this time, understandable. When it is ready it a understandable answer, since the team is working on it in their spare time, but I am looking for something along the lines of winter, summer, etc. Is it possible to give us fans a little something something?


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