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It’s Alive! (patch notes)

Please note due to the account/character wipe you will have to register again at the game login screen!

The client update is live! Here are the patch notes:


  • Female characters are disabled while their animations are being updated
  • Added the foundation for the new starting location
  • Scaled new world elements to their new size standard
  • Updated all shaders to the new Unity 5 physically-based standard
  • Updated character customization systems to use less processing overhead
  • Added the new animation system
  • Added the new sound system
  • Updated character generation musical theme
  • Updated character generation background
  • Added new animation based event triggers
  • Added new sound effects for movement, attacks, and impacts
  • Transitioned from the Unity 5 standard tree pipeline to the new SpeedTree pipeline for optimized foliage management
  • Started implementation of the new leveling systems interface
  • Started implementation of the new enhancement system interface
  • Fixed minor bugs


  • Updated the NPC intelligence system for better server-side processing efficiency
  • Added new intelligence to NPCs including the ability to become mobile, the ability to observe their surroundings, and the ability to respond to their observations with dialogue
  • Added new intelligence to mobs including the ability to react to situations dependent upon conditions, the ability to become mobile, and many new combat abilities
  • Added the new account system to bind data from the game server to the website server
  • Added the ability to expose various details of the game server to the website, allowing us to share changes to game data on the site immediately
  • Started implementation of the new leveling system
  • Added NPC trainers for leveling
  • Added NPC vendors for enhancements
  • Optimized many features of the server and its tool sets


This release of one part of a series of sequential updates. This update lacks many of the upcoming character generation assets, zone art, animations, NPCs, and missions that will be coming in the next few days.

This first release is dedicated to testing the new zone, the new physics servers, and the zone’s capacity and performance standards of our current target platform. As we complete tests, we’ll begin to patch in updates rapidly.

Over the next few days our Technical Director will be present in-game doing many test for performance, and the servers may see frequent downtime for updates and modifications. We ask for your patience during this time, and we will keep you informed of all changes and updates as they happen.


Windows download link follows and will be attempting to build new Mac and Linux clients shortly!

Things to Come…

…  i.e. some things in the process of being updated behind the scenes by our over-worked lead programmer.

The Updates

  • Removed the old character generator configuration and updated the new JSON
  • Updated the AI on the NPCs Rage and Lionpaw
  • Updated the AI on the Perps and the Kings mobs
  • Baked position and spawn data for hotspots, spawnspots, and static entities for AreaCentral01
  • Added crushing DMG and “Crushed” cause of death
  • Updated the areas JSON file to only feature AreaCentral and AreaCentral01
  • Updated the data generation tools to the new standard for the upcoming server updates
  • Updated the effects JSON and raw data files to the format of the new server updates
  • Updated the items JSON and raw data files to the format of the new server updates
  • Updated the quest JSON and raw data files to the format of the new server updates
  • Removed the directed goals JSON entries until they are required
  • Removed the hangoutactivities JSON entries until they are required
  • Removed the macguffins JSON entries until they are required
  • Removed the armament items JSON data and lookup data until they are required
  • Added the new crafting raw data files and baked some template examples for testing
  • Removed materials and textures NOT shared between the male and female base bodies
  • Added the new base body skins in preparation for the new body models
  • Updated the Project Settings and Quality Settings in an attempt to stabilize shadows (I continue to fail in this attempt)
  • Added the new custom loot randomizer system and the first phase of the instanced loot system
  • Updated ability effects raw data files and server data files
  • Added first templates of the “inspiration” style power-up items
  • Updated a bunch of materials to the new shader collection
  • Updated the AreaCentral01 rock material to be darker to counteract the light intensity and bloom shader
  • Updated the rock prefab of the Rocks & Boulder collection to only have physics on their highest LOD models
  • Updated the brightness and transparency on the water shader…
  • Updated the ChargenCamera.prefab to feature the same image effects as the in-game camera so people don’t login and be like, “What the heck? My character didn’t look like this when I clicked Enter The World….”
  • Updated the NetworkManager.prefab so that people can stop auto-logging in as me, when they know they don’t deserve such greatness… BE YOUR OWN PERSON!!!!
  • Updated the Spawns.prefab to unlock all the NPCs and mobs, I left practically 90% of them floating in crazy high positions so the other programmers would have something to do today!!! HELL YEA!!!!
  • Updated the camera position in the Startup_Live scene so that the zoom in and distant camera positions work
  • Haha, I just saved Startup_Local for the hell of it, not sure if I even changed anything (This is what happens when a person is up for so long…)
  • Added health to all mobs that were dying infinitely on spawn
  • Went ahead and took the time and fixed all floating spawners (you guys are off the hook)
  • Updated all the server data

Server Notes

To run the server in a more energy efficient manner, you can now browse your way to the Valiance/Tools folder, run the Interactive Menu.bat executable, press “s” and then enter to run the server. Make sure you have both Java and PHP installed on your machine and setup as SYSTEM_VARIABLES

General Notes

  • I’m dead, will catch you all later tonight
  • Oh and the servers are rebooted with the live updates

Development Updates and New Screenshots!

Some screenshots of the work-in-progress for our starting map!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is a list of changes in the upcoming client patch as well as other development news:

  1. The new site-to-server solution is nearly complete. Players will be able to track their investments and characters between the network and the website. This will allow things like profile-based stat tracking and sharing on the site, taking screenshots in-game and sending them to the website, and a host of other really cool stuff that is planned for the far future.
  2. We did a huge UI (user interface) update and added tons of new features to the UI solution. We’re also planning a modding solution so that players can create their own UI art and styling. We’ve also worked with the original UI artists to overhaul the look of the default art to be more “clean” as opposed to reflecting its earlier “dark”, cyberpunk presentation. New art is going in soon; we’re also trademarking a new logo!
  3. The networking has been greatly improved and is now supported by a much stronger central server and more powerful physics handling servers.
  4. We moved to a completely new animation solution and animation event system. This binds features of the animations system with triggers for the sound system.
  5. We’ve completely rewritten the sound and audio interface systems to allow us to do some really great things with sound playback. Our sound engineers are now able to quickly implement sound arrays during live gameplay using much larger sound arrays than before, in a more efficient manner for more unique, randomized sounds during gameplay. This allows us to do things like having events and sounds cue on exact animation frames instead of numerical references. We can also tag boots and gloves by elements like rubber and metal, and play footstep and impact sounds vs. metal and flesh to sound accurate. Metal boots on metal floors will sound different when compared to rubber boots on a metal floor. It’s the little things….
  6. Most placeholder animations have been replaced and or improved to be given more originality. We’re also gearing up for a big review session with Ron Friedman, former City of Heroes Senior Animator, to help with the direction and feedback on the new animations.
  7. Hundreds of bugs have been fixed.
  8. Hundreds of new features and improvements have been implemented.
  9. We’ve worked with a few more developers from City of Heroes to gain a large perspective of where we need to improve overall. One of the main areas being the world scale. Those developers will also be in a live Reddit AMA (ask me anything) and gameplay walkthrough with us soon. We’re currently working around schedules and job demands to make that happen. Once again, another enormous opportunity for us, so we’re pushing our pre-alpha build to be the very best it can be, so that the community can see a quality presentation being put “through the ringer”.
  10. We hired a former Senior Producer from THQ to reorganize all products and the studio. As it is far along in production, Valiance Online is a priority. We’re now working on building a solid production schedule and getting ready for the new website, the new marketing plan, and a business overhaul.

Server Updates

A list of back-end changes made to the server in the last patch:

  1. Added new AI functionality for NPCs; new tech allows NPCs to go about town doing various activities while remaining interactive.
  2. Added new site-to-server features to allow users to interface their game accounts through the website. Many interesting features both in-game and on the new website will follow.
  3. Added new AI functionality for mobs; new tech allows mobs to react situationally doing things such as fleeing when outnumbered or low on health. Mobs now also have an alerted state that is initialized before they enter aggression mode. This allows players to notice when the mob is alerted visually, as well as helping crowd controllers immediately assess how many mobs have been alerted in any event.
  4. Added new properties for combat; over 40 new properties have been added to combat giving players the ability to do such things as silence mobs so that they don’t immediately alert other nearby mobs or pull mobs to them physically.
  5. Overall network performance has been greatly improved and the core server cluster has been updated to larger more powerful machines.

Servers, Servers, Wherefore Art Thou?

Our servers are being updated but should be back up this week.

We will have more news on when you can expect to see them back and some patch notes shortly. Stay tuned!

The Superhuman Registration Act

Since we may be here awhile until the site revamp is complete, we’ve switched on the option requiring people to register before commenting. Hopefully this will not cause another superhero civil war!

“Stay Awhile and Listen” (or read)

Welcome to our temporary home! The revamp of our website and forums is taking longer than expected so watch this site for updates. Please use the Discussion area for questions and comments. Thanks!


Update: We are in open pre-alpha testing. Download links below…

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Mac/Linux –