Play Now!

The Valiance Online pre-alpha is open for testing!

Download the Windows launcher at

A Mac launcher is also being prepared and we plan to have a Linux launcher at some point as well.

Website accounts and game accounts are currently separate. You need to set up an account for both.

There is no NDA so feel free to share information, screenshots, videos or streaming!

If you have any problems email

Note the server may occasionally go down from “stress” or for patching.


Installation & Testing (Windows)

  1. If you have a previous installation, delete the Valiance Online folder under C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Valiance Online
  2. Note the AppData folder may be hidden so change your view options if needed to show hidden files, folders and drives (see more information below).
  3. Be sure to delete any existing Valiance Online install folder(s).
  4. Use the updated launcher at the link above. You will need 2GB of space for the install.
  5. Input the desired install folder location – if you are not sure then use C:\ – a default install location will be added in a future update to the launcher.
  6. When installation is done, open the folder and double-click the folder to launch the game (an option will be added to create a shortcut to the launcher soon, for now you have to create one manually).

If you are unable to see the “AppData” folder, go to Folder Options -> View and under Advanced Settings, look for Hidden files and folders and be sure “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” is selected.

Alternatively, you can access the folder without enabling this option by going to your user data folder and in the address bar at the top of the window, type “\AppData\Local” after the user’s name.

For those who have used the last generation installer which allowed you to choose a locaton of installation, delete the former directory and all it’s contents and do a full installation to a new directory.

Tips & Tricks

  • /help – list of commands and emotes
  • The ’tilde’ key toggles run/walk
  • /who – see who’s onlinine
  • /stuck – sends you to spawn-point
  • M pulls up Map, and you can toggle “3D”
  • The menu at top-center has many things, including your Powers and XP/Level

Ctrl-P takes screenshots which can then be found in the folder below. Screenshots are erased on launch so move them!


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